Azionamenti a frequenza variabile CA a media tensione Wanlida

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Informazioni di Base
  • Model No.: WLD-HVF
  • Applicazione : Trasduttore ad alte prestazioni , Trifase trasduttore , Trasduttore generale , Trasduttore ad alta frequenza Converter
  • Principio di lavoro : Vector Control trasduttore
  • Switch Mode : Ad alta frequenza portante PWM di controllo
  • Circuito principale Tipo : Tensione
  • Tensione di alimentazione : Alta tensione a frequenza variabile azionamento
  • Collegamento di Trasformazione : AC-DC-Inverter a frequenza variabile
  • Natura del potere DC : Tensione a frequenza variabile azionamento
  • Funzione : Costante Modello Coppia universale
Informazioni Aggiuntive..
  • Trademark: Wanlida
  • Packing: Wooden Case (Fumigation)
  • Standard: CE, SGS, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSMS18001
  • Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • HS Code: 8504409999
  • Production Capacity: 500 Sets/Year
Descrizione del prodotto

Wanlida medium voltage ac variable frequency drives

FOB Price:

RMB 300,000 - 3,000,000 / Set | Get Latest Price

Min.Order Quantity:

1 Set/Sets

Supply Ability:

500 Set/Sets per Year



Payment Terms:

L/C,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram


Packaging Details:

Wooden case (Fumigation)

Delivery Detail:


Product Structure

1. Bypass Cabinet (Optional)
The by-pass cabinet or switching cabinet may employ isolating breaker, vacuum contactor or the combination, depending on the user’s working conditions. The function of by-pass cabinet is to put the motor into operation in industry frequency grid after the WLD-HVF exits, so as to ensure the continuity of user’s production. The switching cabinet is designed to divert the WLD-HVF output to different motors.
2. Transformer Cabinet
Used for installation of Phase-shift transformer, it is dry type transformer with functions of temperature display and over-heat protection, also with insulation grade of H. The secondary multi-winding output provides phase-shift power supply to the power unit. This can greatly improve the current waveform on grid side and reduce the harmonic interference of the equipment to power grid lower of the National Criterion.
3. Power Unit Cabinet
Used for installation of power units, which adopted imported high quality components inside, all power units are installed on the sliding seat, it is very easy to replace.
4. Control Cabinet
Used for installation of low voltage control components, there are controller, PLC, UPS, Electric siren, DC 24V power supply, Control Power Source Switch, Wiring Terminals, Touch Screen, Operation Button etc.
The equipment adopted fiber optical communications, which has a very good EMI restraining performance; The transformer, control cabinet and all power units, are built in temperature protection, so it will be maintenance free. 
 Technical Features

Voltage source High-high frequency inverter, it can realize No-step speed regulation, which makes the typical motors into intelligent motors.
Low harmonics input and high power factor, the typical value for power factor is 0.95 through whole speed regulation, even more higher, no need for power factor compensation.
WLD-HVF output few harmonics, the motor does not generate extra heat and noise.
Modularized design of power units, interchangeable and easy to produce and repair, the equipment can find any fault exactly based on advanced diagnostic procedures in MPU.
The inverter still can operate even the faults for part of power units exists, if there are faults happen for inverter, the system can switch to power frequency through bypass function.
Applicable to all kinds of power grid at home and abroad and suitable for typical high voltage motor.
Colorful touch screen, easy to operate and maintenance.
Able to realize remote control, DCS operation and communications with Host, and support all kinds of communications interfaces such as CAN, Profibus, Modbus, RS232, RS485 etc.
Applied latest components, master control chip adopted TI's DSP F28335 and ALTERA's FPGA of EP3C to realize powerful processing capacity; Sampling adopted AD's AD7606 with 16 bit to ensure control accuracy of the system.
The switchgear can satisfy safety requirements, and the pressure-relief channel of high voltage switch can ensure safe use of operators.  

Technical advantages

No need of extra output filtering device
Directly driving the general medium voltage synchronous or asynchronous motor and the temperature of the motor will not be increased.
No need of motor derating operation
No dv/dt damage to insulation of motor and cable
No torque ripple induced by harmonics, and the service life of motors and mechanism devices can be extended
No cable length limited when voltage drop is in the allowable range.

Technical Parameters





HVF Capacity



Power of adaptive motor



Input Frequency



Rated input voltage

3/3.3kV/4.16kV/6/6.6kV/10/11kV (+15%~ -35%)


THDi at power grid

<3% (Permissible value≤4%)


THDu at output side

<3% (Permissible value≤5%)


Input power factor

>0.95%(>20% of rated load)



>97%(under a rated load)


Output frequency(Hz)



Output frequency resolution



Rated output current(A)



Overload capability

120%(1min), 150%(3s), 200%(Immediate protection)


Control mode

V/F control or Vector control


Logical control I/O signal

16 channels respectively


Analog input



Analog output

0~10V/4~20mA Optional (2 channels)


Boolean input/output

Communications/Default point (expandable)


Acc & Dec time (S)



Communication with host

CAN, Profibus, Modbus, RS232, RS485 etc(Option)


Cooling mode

Forced air cooling


Storage temperature

0 0 C~45 0 C


Ambient temperature

-35 0 C~+45 0 C


Ambient humidity

95%, no condensation


Protection grade






1. Perfect quality and service system
The company complies with ISO9001: 2008 strictly to carry out production, process etc.

2. Pre-sale Service
Investigate and Survey onsite; Provide Feasibility study report; Assist in equipment specification selection; Analyse estimated energy saving effect etc

3. In-sale Service
Provide onsite installation and debugging training, Operator training, design paper&corresponding program, energy saving estimation and measuring etc

4. After-sale Service
The 24-hour timely and all-round service is available for all WLD-HVF users; Providing lifetime maintenance, onsite fault diagnosis, remote diagnosis etc.

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