Motori CA monofase Yc /Yl

Product Description WHY CHOOSE US?1.We are rich experienced&professional high quality motor supplier(we own 3 sub-factories)2.Flexible MOQ:  10-100pcs trial order with good price;   Full container load order with better price;   Large Containers orde

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Product Description

Yc /Yl Single Phase AC Motors
Yc /Yl Single Phase AC Motors


.We are rich experienced&professional high quality motor supplier(we own 3 sub-factories)

2.Flexible MOQ:
  10-100pcs trial order with good price;
   Full container load order with better price;
   Large Containers order with the best price.

3.Strong R&D/Production capacity:
   We can supply OEM/ODM/OTM motors;
   Cover the Eu IEC standard motors/USA UL standard motors/Russia Gost standard motors

4.Convenient Pre-sale,sale,and after-sale service:

   We are at side of you,offer 24 hrs*7days support,you can reach us via phone/wechat/whatsapp anytime.

5.Reliable product quality:
   18-24 months Guarantee for all of our GOGOGO MOTOR &ESTOP branded motors.

6.Prompt and timely delivery:
  10-25 days after confirmation of client's purchase order.

7. Flexible terms of payment:
    T/T,L/C at sight,L/C 30days,L/C 60 days,L/C 90days,L/C 120days.

8.Continuous and stable quality:
   Once client approve first trial order motors,then we will keep 100% same motors for future orders;
   We can help clients develop or improve motors according to new requirement only after both parties                 confirmation.

9.Continuous and stable price terms:
   We will never arbitrarily change the price unless the customer have new additional requirements with motors      or the raw materials or exchange rate changes more than 5%.In case such status happens,then we discuss       with clients together and confirm new price terms.

10.Star client project:
     We are carrying out our "STAR CLIENT PROJECT".Once you are selected for this program,you will get           unimaginable support,and then your business will grow exponentially.

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YC series motors are single-phase capacitor-starting motors,belongs to asynchronous motors.
Such motors are with only starting capacitors. The starting capacitors participate in starting when the motor is started.

After the motor is started, the starting capacitor is disconnected by the centrifugal switch and does not participate in the motor operation.
These Electric motors are mainly used in air compressor, water pump, refrigerator, washing machine, medical equipment, woodworking machinery, various agricultural equipments.The product adopts IC0144 cooling method.It can run for a long time.
This type single phase capacitor start motor can be in cast iron or aluminum housing.
In the current international market, European and American customers prefer the small and beautiful appearance of aluminum housing motors,steel frame motors.
Some customers in Asia, Africa and the Middle East prefer cast iron housing motors,.the performance of motors with different housings is the same.
Yc /Yl Single Phase AC Motors
Yc /Yl Single Phase AC Motors
Yc /Yl Single Phase AC Motors
Yc /Yl Single Phase AC Motors
Yc /Yl Single Phase AC Motors
Yc /Yl Single Phase AC Motors

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Yc /Yl Single Phase AC Motors
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